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Life Coaching

What is Spiritual Life Coaching?

Within us lies a vast universe of energy, wisdom and 'knowing', the blueprint of who we are and what will make us happy within our life, but we have learned to look outside of ourselves for the answers to our questions, dismissing the very information that we need to live a happy, fulfilled and healthy life. If only we could stop for a while, connect and allow what is within us to come to the surface and rise into our consciousness, we could then find all that we need to move forwards in life in a way that will allow us to fulfil our dreams.

Sometimes the answers are not 'out there' in the external world - the answers lie within us: What do we want to do? What will make us truly happy, fulfilled? Where will we find the answers to this or, indeed, When? And when we do find the answer within, how do we make this a reality? How do we bring our 'internal', spiritual self into the external, so that the external can work with us, supporting our deepest wishes and needs in order to make them a reality?

Often we 'know' that something is wrong, something is not 'quite right' and we run around looking for the answer but not quite finding it, yet we keep on looking because we need to feel the joy, the peace and fulfilment that this 'thing' will bring us. But, we are usually looking in the 'wrong' places, with the 'wrong' mindset for us, driven by external thoughts (what would people think; what should I do in this situation) and expectations (this will make me happy - it has made them happy or people have told me that this is what will make me happy). What we maybe haven't thought about is stopping, going 'within' and really asking ourselves what will help us, what will make us happy...

Spiritual life coaching will help you to identify and reach new goals, aspire to new heights and find the desire, motivation and confidence to achieve these.

Through spiritual life coaching you can feel at one with the universe; heal childhood wounds with spiritual love; understand your own spirituality, your spiritual gifts, for example, prophetic dreams, reading people, your intuition and psychic abilities.

You can explore existing religious beliefs and maybe take on new ones that serve you better and help you to grow.

It can feel very isolating to be walking down a spiritual path and not have like-minded people that you can talk to, who can support you and understand 'where you are coming from'. Spiritual life coaching can help you to gain confidence in yourself and give you encouragement to trust yourself and your own intuition.

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